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The Original

Rs. 225.00

Perfect for anyone who wants a versatile sauce that isn't too spicy
- it's extremely family-friendly!

Net Weight - 230gms/bottle

Proudly Made in India
Ships in 1-2 working days
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Flavour Profile

A full-bodied uplifter of the bland, The Original Indian Hot Sauce was painstakingly crafted specifically for the Indian palate. We blended real vegetables, a special blend of Sankeshwari & Bhavnagri chillies, and our secret ingredients to create a distinct and elegant flavour that offers a bit of sweetness and a bit of heat in every bite.

Enjoy It With

Anything you can imagine!
  • Indian - Bhaaji-Roti, Poha, Tandoori Kebabs, Tikki, Pulao, Idli
  • Home Snacks - Toasties, Rolls, Bhujia, Vada Pav, Samosas
  • Eggs - Fried, Scrambled, Omelet, Bhurji, Boiled
  • Fast Food - Burgers, Fries, Burritos, Wings, Subs
  • Italian - Pizza, Pasta, Garlic Bread, Spaghetti, Lasagna
  • Continental - Grilled-Fried-Roasted meats, Stir-fry Vegetables, Sandwiches, Salads


Real Ingredients
Premium Indian Chillies
Premium Indian Spices
100% Vegan
Local Produce


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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
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We LOVE spice and we love sauce 😋. At any point of time, there’s a multitude of spicy sauces and dips in our fridge 😄. Bhut Jholokia is our go to for extreme spice but I wanted one a little lower on the spice meter. And this one just hits that right spot. 😍My only complaint is that the bottles are too small. Would suggest having multiple sizes. Tiny ones for the people who just want to sample and 500g or 1kg bottles for the saucy people like us! 😉😆

Sachin Bhatnagar

I put the original in everything I can manage. It is my absolutely favourite hot sauce