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Free Shipping on orders over ₹500

Get a free Pumpkin Spice worth ₹300 on all orders above ₹1000!

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Unique Flavours

These flavours don't exist anywhere else but here. Uniquely crafted for those who want better.


Dip/ pour, cook, marinate, sprinkle, bake, brew. Naagin spice essentials work perfectly for any meal, snack, dessert and even your morning cup of coffee.. Use your imagination!

High Quality

Made from real vegetables, premium Indian chillies and spices, not purees, powders and adulterated flavour components.


Made with 6 spices

  • A delicate and heavenly combination made from India's most flavourful Indian spices.
  • A rich and unique upgrade that tastes like how a warm blanket feels.
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    Your regular food made better, in a jiffy

    Cook, sprinkle, dip, marinate – there are endless ways to explore our range of spice essentials. Each of these could be great new addition to your kitchen or dining table!

    Our Spice Essentials are so versatile, you’ll find yourself using it in everything you make, from subtle flavourful breakfast to fiery hot dinner and everything in between including beverages and desserts.

    • Quick. Bored of the usual? Just Naagin it.
    • Different. Try it or you’ll never find out if this is what you always wanted.
    • Convenient. Put as little or as much as you need, you can’t go wrong - you’re the boss!


    Heat level - XXX Spicy (10/10)

  • Slow-roasted, unadulterated, Bhut Jolokia chilli flakes
  • Takes you on a journey of heat so hot, you’ll be left blowing smoke!
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    Give your meal some Naagin appeal

    A dash of these amazing Spice Essentials will instantly upgrade your food from blah to waah!

    It's a must-have for food explorers looking for a versatile addition to their kitchens too! Whether you cook or level up your marinades, or want to upgrade your meal in no time, it will add an x-factor you’re absolutely going to love.

    • Quality. You’ll find yourself putting it on everything.
    • Balanced. Intensely flavourful, but not so much that it dominates your dish.
    • Versatile. Whatever you’re into, get into our Spice Essentials.

    crispy chiili oil

    Heat level - Mildly Spicy (2/10)

  • A slow-roasted, savoury, umami blend of flavours
  • All the crunch and punch your food would ever need
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    Industry Experts Love Us!

    One of the best hot sauces to come out of India. Such a versatile sauce that goes amazing with EVERYTHING! These guys have nailed the flavour and the heat, so it was only natural that I used both The Original and the Smoky Bhoot to create a spicy burger on my menu! Watch out for NAAGIN! #worldwidedomination

    Sijo Mathew

    Owner, Good Flippin Burgers

    A sauce that stands true to its name. It's packing heat and Indian flavours that strike a chord with desi Tastebuds. Huge potential as a food fixture!

    Vicky Ratnani

    Celebrity Chef

    In a country known for its spices its surprising how we had no great Indian hot sauce. Until Naagin. Finally a product that delivers! It has layers to its flavour which adds to the versatility. I've had it with Indian Street food, Asian, Mexican, burger & fries. Simply put, it goes with everything. Newest addition and quite possibly my favourite staple in the pantry.

    Aakash Sethi

    Owner, Sweetish House