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A Note From Naagin

We believe everyone wants to improve their lifelong relationship with food exploration. So we set out to make a truly Indian Hot Sauce around the India we love – unique, hot, fun, flavourful and made with integrity and love.

At Naagin, we use local produce, hand-picked daily and homegrown premium Indian chillies to bring you unique flavours that still feel innately familiar. So if you like trying new things or want better tasting food in your life, you're at the right place. No generics.

It's been a crazy couple of years, but we're not just growing every day right here at home in India, we’re also now available in the United States, UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong! Thank you for being part of our journey!

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Whats in your naagin

Our mission is to represent India’s rich spice culture on kitchen shelves and dining tables worldwide. Unlike other sauces, we don't use purees and high fructose corn syrup or give you a glorified vinegar-chilli water. Naagin Indian hot sauces were painstakingly created to give you a versatile, high quality, unique product made for the Indian palate.

Real Ingredients

We don’t cut corners or costs. We just cut and blend real, fresh ingredients.

Premium Indian Chillies

Chilli peppers are the stars of our sauces. Only the best ones make the cut!

Local Produce

Locally produced with local produce, hand-picked daily. The only way to do it.

100% Vegan

Not one ingredient used in any of our sauces are made from animal products.


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