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Essential Flavours

Stocking your pantry with key kitchen staples makes it easy and fun to explore a variety of recipes and whip up something delicious!


Dip, Pour, and Cook. Naagin pantry essentials work perfectly for any meal or snack - be it something cooked over a day or put together in minutes. Use your imagination!

High Quality

Made from real vegetables, premium Indian chillies and ZERO adulterated flavour components.


Made with Real Tomatoes

  • It's simple. Good ingredients make great food.
  • Restaurant-quality food at home

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The trick was figuring out what to stock up on. We're doing that for you.

Every pantry essential is off-the-charts delicious. The difference between us and other brands? We sourced high-quality ingredients so you get the convenience without compromises. We bring you flavours that hit the spot every single time.

  • Make our secret recipes, YOUR secret ingredient!
  • All our products are shelf-stable, with a long shelf-life for your flexibility and convenience
  • Our pantry essentials give you the joy of ordering out, while cooking in


Made with Real Tomatoes

  • A twist on the Italian classic that smells almost as good as it tastes
  • Gourmet, Indian-ishtyle

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Give your meal some Naagin appeal

It's a must-have for food explorers looking for a versatile addition to their pantries! Whether you want to cook something amazing or level up your marinades, or want to upgrade your meal in no time with a generous pour, it will add an x-factor you’re absolutely going to love.

  • Drizzle it over your mundane food and get ready to experience the awesomeness
  • Never let your pantry be devoid of these essentials
  • Naagin's crunch and Naagin's punch- In a class of it's own


Heat level: Mildly Spicy (2/10)

  • A truly savoury, umami-infused blend of flavours
  • Slow-roasted to add all the crunch and punch your food would ever need

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