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Unique Flavours

These flavours don't exist anywhere else but here. Uniquely crafted for those who want better.


Dip/Pour, Cook, Marinate. Naagin hot sauce works perfectly for any meal or snack. Use your imagination!

High Quality

Made from real vegetables and premium Indian chillies, not purees, powders and high fructose corn syrup.

The Original

Heat Level: Medium Spicy (4/10)

  • A little hot,a little sweet, a little umame, a lot of flavour
  • The swiss army knife of the kitchen

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The 10 second upgrade for any meal or snack.

Dip it, Pour It or use it to Marinate. You can enjoy Naagin Hot Sauces with eggs, burgers, fries, toasties, bhujia and more. If you can dip it, you can hot sauce it.

  • Breakfast of champions.
  • Dip or pour, you're guaranteed to score.
  • More uses than chutney and aachar combined.

Kantha Bomb

Heat Level: Medium Spicy (6/10)

  • A zesty fresh explosion of flavour
  • So much more than just another 'green sauce'

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The right amount of heat for whatever you want to eat.

Spice up your biryani, pasta, paneer and more. You can also marinate your meats, veggies, tofu and everything in between!"

Helps you intensify your flavours with no effort. Give great taste and add some spice to your dishes. You can also create your own new combinations so don't stop experimenting!

  • Takes your food from bad to good or good to great. You know which one you need.
  • Unleash your secret weapon, the swiss army knife of your kitchen.
  • Helps you cook anything from a recipe book.
  • Instant Taste Upgrade with minimal effort and zero fuss.

Smoky Bhoot

Heat Level: X-tra Spicy (8/10)

  • A sweet, smoky, earthy, fiery journey for your taste buds
  • Harnessing the legendary flavour and fire of the 'ghost pepper'

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Industry Experts Love Us!

One of the best hot sauces to come out of India. Such a versatile sauce that goes amazing with EVERYTHING! These guys have nailed the flavour and the heat, so it was only natural that I used both The Original and the Smoky Bhoot to create a spicy burger on my menu! Watch out for NAAGIN! #worldwidedomination

Sijo Mathew

Owner, Good Flippin Burgers

A sauce that stands true to its name. It's packing heat and Indian flavours that strike a chord with desi Tastebuds. Huge potential as a food fixture!

Vicky Ratnani

Celebrity Chef

In a country known for its spices its surprising how we had no great Indian hot sauce. Until Naagin. Finally a product that delivers! It has layers to its flavour which adds to the versatility. I've had it with Indian Street food, Asian, Mexican, burger & fries. Simply put, it goes with everything. Newest addition and quite possibly my favourite staple in the pantry.

Aakash Sethi

Owner, Sweetish House