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Chilli Spotlight'' Guntur Chillies

If there was a land of chillies within the land of chillies, where they eat some of the spiciest food in India, it would be here. 

Our Crispy Chilli Oil features Guntur chillies, one of the most popular chillies in India, named after the Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh - the largest producer of chillies in India, who is itself the largest producer and exporter of chillies in the world. 

By some estimates, the state of Andhra Pradesh produces approximately 46% of all chillies produced in India. Every morning, the Guntur chilli market houses 35 varieties of chillies from around 7 districts of the state. 

While dealing with this wide range, we’re splitting hairs sometimes and after much examination, we chose to go ahead with our favourite, the Guntur Sannam, quality tested and prepared with passion.

Fun Facts About Guntur Chillies

  • Andhra Pradesh with a little help from Telangana
  • The Guntur Sannam chilli comes from the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, where it is cultivated, processed, and made available. It is also grown in neighbouring regions such as the districts of Prakasam, as well as in Telangana in Warangal, and Khammam.

    The Guntur Sannam chilli grows in a warm and humid climate and during maturity, it requires dry weather.  

  • The largest Chilli Market in Asia
  • The Guntur Chilli Yard is the largest chilli market in Asia. The state has a sowing area of about 1.6 lakh acres, which expanded into 2.5 lakh acres in 2021.

  • There are many types of Guntur chillies
  • 334 chilli is a premium export-quality chilli.

    Teja chilli is a decently fine variety of Guntur chilli.

    Guntur Sannam – S4 Type is the most popular type of chilli among the others as it has a huge demand throughout the world. 

    Other Guntur chillies include Phatki, Indo-5, Ankur, Roshni, Bedki and Madhubala.

    Within Guntur Sannam itself, we have many varieties of chilli with slight variations:

    • Sannam Special (S.S.): light red in colour, glossy skin, with a length of 5 cm and more.
    • Sannam General (S.G.): light red in colour, glossy skin, with a length of 3 to 5 cm.
    • Sannam Fair (S.F.): blackish/dull red in colour with a length of 3 to 5 cm.
    • Non-Specified (N.S.): This is not a regular grade and is meant to meet specific requirements of the buyers which are not covered under regular grades.
  • It is an international favourite
  • Guntur chillies are really very popular in the International market. They have a high pungency rate, bright red coloured skin and tremendous suitability for the extraction of capsaicin-earning admirers from China to the Middle East, UK, US, Canada and even Latin America.

    This popularity ranks Guntur Chillies as among the highest exported chillies in the world. 

  • Has High Nutritional Benefits
  • Guntur chillies are rich in vitamin C (185 mg/100 g) and protein (11.98 g/100 g). Like most chillies, they have very good anti-inflammatory qualities that are proven to be good for your heart. 

    Guntur chillies are also good for dealing with muscle pain, weight loss and even blood cholesterol.

    So in a nutshell, this pepper is a total catch. Good to taste and great for your health.

    Naagin Sauce Presents Crispy Chilli Oil - Featuring Guntur Chillies

    In our attempt to explore the best chillies and spices in India, we came across Guntur chillies in all their glory and we knew how we could use it instantly. Delicious, versatile, plentiful and with amazing aesthetic quality, we completely understand why Andhra’s cuisine is so (justifiably we might add) fixated on this pepper. It has a perfect blend of heat, sharpness, beautiful red colour and a stand-alone pungent flavour. 

    We experimented a lot over the various Covid lockdowns to come up with new products that people could truly enjoy. We didn’t want to be yet another company making the same old boring products everyone else does. We wanted to make you something you would love.

    We wanted to stay true to the bold choices we’ve made so far, prioritising taste and versatility. We knew it shouldn’t just taste good by itself, but as a pairing with scores of other foods. And so the exploration continued until version 37 (tweaked further with some great feedback from the pre-launch!). 

    So we've made you a perfect blend of slow-roasted Guntur chillies, sauteed garlic and onions packed in a jar of goodness.

    Our Crispy Chilli Oil is ready to become a staple of all your cooking expeditions. It is lightly spicy and full of savoury flavour, adding that extra punch and crunch to everything you eat.

    So this is a call to all the food explorers. Come out, grab your jars. Naagin’s All flakes, no flavour chilli oil is going to blow your minds, right off the roof.

    We bet you’ll come here again and Naagin!!

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