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Hot Sauce (Pack of 2)

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 475.00

Pick your own favourites! We've got the right amount of heat for whatever you want to eat! Whether you're a spice lover like no other or just dipping your toes in the hot sauce waters, we've got what you need. Choose your ideal match of 2 hot sauces and enjoy the ride!

Net Weight - 640gms

Proudly Made in India 

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Flavour Profile

The Original

A full-bodied uplifter of the bland, The Original Indian Hot Sauce was painstakingly crafted specifically for the Indian palate. We blended real vegetables, a special blend of Sankeshwari & Bhavnagri chillies, and our secret ingredients to create a distinct and elegant flavour that offers a bit of sweetness and a bit of heat in every bite.

Smoky Bhoot

Highlighting the legendary flavour and fire from the Bhut Jolokia, our specially smoked chillies create a unique flavour for the rich-textured Smoky Bhoot. Every bite takes you from a hint of sweetness to a tidal wave of flavour before the ghost finally creeps up on you!

Kantha Bomb

Unlike any 'green sauce' you've ever had, the Kantha Bomb has a real freshness to it.
Wholesome and versatile, it's got everything you want in a hot sauce - a real explosion of flavours and the perfect amount of heat with the tastiest Indian chilli you've never heard of, the Kanthari.

The 65

Our homage to the classic South Indian flavour, with a twist! The 65 hot sauce is a condiment and cooking sauce that features the homely, earthy and spicy flavour of classic comfort food like chicken 65 and paneer 65.

Enjoy It With

Anything you can imagine!
  • Indian - Bhaaji-Roti, Poha, Tandoori Kebabs, Tikki, Pulao, Idli
  • Home Snacks - Toasties, Rolls, Bhujia, Vada Pav, Samosas
  • Eggs - Fried, Scrambled, Omelette, Bhurji, Boiled
  • Fast Food - Burgers, Fries, Burritos, Wings, Subs
  • Italian - Pizza, Pasta, Garlic Bread, Spaghetti, Lasagna
  • Continental - Burgers, Grilled-Fried-Roast meats, Stir-fry Vegetables, Sandwiches, Salads
  • The Original
  • Kantha Bomb
  • Smoky Bhoot
  • The 65
  • The Original
  • Kantha Bomb
  • Smoky Bhoot
  • The 65

    Real Ingredients
    Premium Indian Chillies
    Premium Indian Spices
    100% Vegan
    Local Produce


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Great hot and spicy sauce

    I found this sauce hot and spicy and ordered again. Unfortunately this time ordered two bottles . The bottles were packed in the same carton and was not separately packed. So one bottle came broken which I believe was due to the bottles banging each other. So unless packing is improved I will buy only one bottle at a time

    kava Dhaval
    Great sauce 😡😡😡😡😡

    Smoky boot is so spicy but so much tempting.Kantha sauce is spicy but competition wise smocy boot spicy.It danger don't understand normal

    Raktim Nath

    Used it as a dip and been having it right from the bottle too. However, the smoky bhoot is not as hot as I expected. I tasted, and regularly have bhoot jolokia pickles... The smoky bhoot somehow tasted a lot less hot than actual bhoot jolokia.

    Sanjay Sharma
    Excellent product

    It is tasty with good flavour

    Taste is just wow

    Taste is nice