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Kantha Bomb

Rs. 250.00

The Kantha Bomb is far from generic and features the tastiest chilli you've probably never tried - the Kanthari - as premium as green chillies.

Net Weight - 230gms/bottle

Proudly Made in India
Ships in 1-2 working days
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Flavour Profile

Unlike any 'green sauce' you've ever had, the Kantha Bomb has a real freshness to it.

Wholesome and versatile, it's got everything you want in a hot sauce - a real explosion of flavours and the perfect amount of heat with the tastiest Indian chilli you've never heard of, the Kanthari.

Enjoy It With

Anything you can imagine!
  • Indian - Dosa, Poha, Tandoori Kebabs, Upma, Pulao, Idli, Pakodas
  • Home Snacks - Toasties, Rolls, Bhujia, Vada Pav, Samosas
  • Eggs - Fried, Scrambled, Omelet, Bhurji, Boiled
  • Fast Food - Burgers, Fries, Nachos, Wings, Noodles
  • Italian - Pizza, Pasta, Garlic Bread, Spaghetti, Lasagna
  • Continental - Grilled-Fried-Roasted Meats, Stir-fry Vegetables, Sandwiches, Salads


Real Ingredients
Premium Indian Chillies
Premium Indian Spices
100% Vegan
Local Produce


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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Bhavya Vora
Best hot sauce in India

Really nice and fresh flavour. Best green chilli sauce in India. Nice spiciness level and I have been using it with every meal.

Finally - a uniquely Indian take on hot sauce!

As a long-time lover of both Indian food and hot sauce, I found myself wondering the other day why I never see any hot sauces out there with Indian flavors. You can find tons of varieties of Mexican, Korean, and other styles, and those are great. But why no Indian? Well, Naagin has set out to solve that problem, and I have to say, they've nailed it. I would normally be a bit hesitant to shell out $15 for a sauce I haven't tried, but something about the branding was very enticing and I just had to try it. So glad I went for it. The Kantha Bomb sauce is fantastic - it's packed with fresh, pungent, explosive flavor, and has a serious kick. It has some of the notes that I love from other green sauces, but with a personality all its own. I look forward to using it on all kinds of foods, and I'm very eager to try the other two flavors. Will be keeping an eye on this company to see what else they come up with. Well done, Naagin!!

The best hotsauce on the Indian market. BUT....

The sauce tastes amazing. All the flavours are the absolute best in the Indian market. But, i recieved my bottle broken. I have received my bottles broken 2 times.So if they find a way to ship it to you in one piece you'll enjoy it.But my bottles were broke. Destroyed.