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The Garlic, Lime and Bhoot Dip

Rs. 300.00

A creamy and delicious dip, made to give a rich lemon and garlicky flavour to anything and everything you eat.

Net Weight - 200 gm

Proudly Made in India
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Available only in Mumbai
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Flavour Profile

Our Naagin x Wonder Foods & Farms collaboration, painstakingly made with freshly peeled garlic, lemon juice and hints of flavour from our fan-favourite Smoky Bhoot hot sauce - tons of flavour but without the heat!

The Garlic, Lime & Bhoot dip is smooth sailing to pair with your favourite rolls, sandwiches, breadsticks and more. It starts with the distinctive aroma of garlic, and as the flavour moves to the back of your tongue, the hints of lime tickle your taste buds come alive at the tip so you get tingly, citrus flavours with a very subtle kick of heat at the end.

Enjoy It With

Dip It!
  • Home Snacks - Potato Bites, Rolls, Samosas, Chicken/Veg Nuggets
  • Fast Food - Fries, Burritos, Wings
  • Indian - Aloo Tikki, Kebabs, Pakodas
  • Italian - Sausage Rolls, Calzone, Prosciutto
  • Continental - Grilled-Fried-Roast Meats, Stir-fry Vegetables, Salads
Spread it!
  • Home Snacks - Toasties, Rolls, Bakery Breads
  • Fast Food - Burgers, Burritos, Subs
  • Italian - Garlic Bread, Crostini, Bruschetta,
  • Continental - Sandwiches, Canapes, Wraps, Falafel


Real Ingredients
Premium Indian Chillies
Premium Indian Spices
100% Vegan
Local Produce


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